[Free] PIYOMORI: stack chicks in the bowl!

I like little games which you don't have spend time learning the complex rules to get into it quickly, PIYOMORI is such a no-brainer game to enjoy 


Check out how to play via this video
  1. Play the game
  2. Instruction to play this game
  3. Settings on some details
  4. Share this game on Twitter or Facebook
The rules are simple as below, the goal is to stack as many chicks in the bowl as possible.
Settings to adjust volume, the position of next chick and the quality.
Tap to start the game
  1. The left chicks you are allowed to drop from the bowl, you got 10 chicks for each game
  2. Scores you gain so far
  3. Chicks can only be thrown into the bowl
  4. Give up the game
  5. Next chick available, yellow or orange?
Swipe the table to find good angles to stack the chicks.
  1. Yellow chicks have no special functions
  2. Orange chicks can adhere to yellow ones, but orange chicks can't adhere to orange ones.
Chicks are very cute  with horn, necktie or ribbon on them.
  1. Your best score so far
  2. Restart the game
  3. Back to game homepage
  4. Bomb chicks...I have no idea what this is for, maybe just for fun
  5. Tweet your score to twitter
After being bombed, the photo looks like this.

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