[Free] Cool finger faces: finger photos can still be fun & amazing!

Do you know how to amaze people via photos of fingers? Try this app to entertain and inspire you for more interesting works!

App Link:Cool finger facesFinger faces (Paid version with advanced features)

  1. Make photos more interesting
  1. The icon for selecting a photo from camera roll is misunderstanding.
  2. Whole hierarchy of the app could be adjusted to make the interface more clear: Faces, Accessories and Effects could be grouped as one tab, Save should appear when users edit photos instead of being separated as a sing tab.
  3. Reset should appear when users are editing the photo , maybe a Undo can do better instead of a Reset

  1. Launch the camera
  2. Select a photo from camera roll
  3. Attach faces to your fingers
  4. Accessories for your finger
  5. Effects to the whole photo, such as B&W
  6. Save or tweet your photo
  7. Reset your last photo
If you don't want to use your own fingers, tap other tabs such as Faces, Accessories for default examples, attach face, hand and hair to it.
  1. When you select a image below, it appears on the screen, tap Help for basic instruction 
  2. you can pan to move, double tap to flip or pinchh to zoom & rotate, tap anywhere to fix the image on the finger
  3. When the selected image is active, tap to delete the image.
Since this is a free version, if you want to create your own images, you have to pay for the feature.
After you are done with the photo, save to album or tweet it to share!

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