[Free] 猫の大家さん: be the landlord of lovely cats on your iPhone

Are you a cat lover? 猫の大家さん is an app for you to be the landlord of cats on your iPhone,  you can play with those lovely cats anytime anywhere without restriction. This app is the one for those who can't raise cats at their places, love it? Just try it out!

App Link:猫の大家さん
  1. Cat's house
  2. Store
  3. Cat list
  4. Settings
  5. You will see a heart above which represents the loyalty, 2 is the current status, 20 is the max, tap or feed cats to get the max loyalty for each cat.
  6. When you buy cat's food, put it on the bowl, eating food can increase cat's loyalty as well.
  7. Tap to view all items you have at hand
  8. Money you have so far, when cat's loyalty reaches max, they will bring some presents back to the house, and you can exchange them for money.
Overview of all main screens
Tap the item you would like to buy and tap the left button to check out.
There are 12 cats in total, you won't know cat's name unless cat's loyalty for you gets max.
Setting page: 1. game rule 2. BGM setting 3. Twitter (open via Safari) 4. Company info
Game rule: Tap on cats or slide on it  to gain more loyalty, but you can't tap for too many times each day, or the loyalty will decrease.
Tap on the cat's food to feed the hungry cats.
When cat's loyalty gets max, the cat will tell you his/her name.
When cat's loyalty get max, they will bring some presents back to the house, tap the presents to exchange for money. With more money, you are able to get more items on store to make cats happy.

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