[Free] Lep's World Plus: Super Mario Brothers-like game ever!

When you see the screenshot of Lep's world plus, I bet you will instantly relate this game to super mario brother, and that's right, the feel and the look, even the way to play is so much similar to Super Mario Brothers and you will feel like help Luigi to jump, race to find his gold. Since we can't find the authentic Super Mario Brothers on iPhone so far, let's play Lep's world plus to bring us back to the lovely Mushroom Kingdom.

App Link: 
Lep's World Plus
Price: Free
Rating: 4.5/5

Play it just like super mario brothers - tap ← and →to go back or forward, tap ↑ to jump to collect gold coins and hit the bricks to collect a cloverleaf to grow Lep's health.

Don't you feel those scenes look so familiar? Just download it!

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