PhotoVida: a challenge a day keeps your life interesting always!

A challenge a day keeps your life interesting always.

Vida means “life” in Spanish, and yes, that’s what PhotoVida want to do - keep an ongoing record of your life via photos. If you happen to run out of ideas to take photos of or look for an interesting way to improve photography skills, PhotoVida is your best choice, too!

PhotoVida is the first Challenge-Based photo app with gorgeous & inspiring photos to spark your imagination & improve your photography skills!
 Every photo buff should have a photo app this fascinating. Challenging and addictive, PhotoVida will be your new hobby, don’t hesitate to jump in and get your feet wet!

App Link: PhotoVida
Price: 0.99
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When you launch PhotoVida, some photography quotes will appear on the launch screen to get deeper insight of photography.

  1. Notice the left and right side in calendar view, swipe left or right to view  challenges of previous or next months.
  2. When you launch PhotoVida, it jumps to today automatically, tap to reveal the challenge of the day
  3. When you take your own photos, the thumbnail displays here, if you take photos everyday, PhotoVida will be your own colorful photo book.

  1. Back to challenge list (calendar view)
  2. Notice i on the right upper corner for further info about the  challenge
  3. Two segments on this page, all photos taken by yourself will display in My Masterpieces
  4. Tap Inspiration Wall to get inspired via viewing photos of the same  challenge
  5. Tap Camera Icon to take photos or select photos from iPhone Camera Roll
  6. Pull down to refresh the page...ooops! What's that?! : )

After taking photos or select photos from Camera Roll, you can share photos:
  1. Photo thumbnail you would like to share
  2. Tap to share to Flickr (Highly recommended), login via Gmail or Facebook accounts if you don't have Flickr account
  3. Tap to share to Facebook, you can select both network services at the same time, PhotoVida will remember your preference .
  4. Tap to add description to this photo
  5. Cancel sharing and back to My Masterpieces
  6. Send

  1. Indicate which network service you've share to avoid wasting your bandwidth
  2. Take more actions on this photo
  3. After taking photos, not only can you save them locally inside PhotoVida but also share them to Flickr or Facebook. Sharing to Flikcr is highly recommended so that your great works could be viewed on Inspiration Wall and you can receive comments from photo buffs around the world.
  4. Save this photo to Camera Roll
  5. Delete this photo

  1. Tap any photo to start the photo gallery, swipe left or right to view photos
  2. As long as your muse visits you, tap Camera Icon to take photos instantly even in  Inspiration Wall.

  1. Exit photo gallery
  2. Challenge  of the day
  3. Author's name and photo title, read the challenge of the day and the photo title to dig out the connection.
  4. Login to Flickr first to like this photo, you can view all liked photos on Flickr.
  5. Leave comments on this photo
  6. Share this photo to Facebook

  1. View web version
  2. Like this photo
  3. Leave comments to this photo
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