★ The Story Behind PhotoVida ★

The concept was derived from a 24 hours photo contest in 2011, in fact we are not professional photographers at all, all we have is SONY NEX-3, but thinking about spending all day long taking photos is fun and challenging, we decided to sign up.  

It's an entirely different experience: Started from the excitement to reveal each topic, once we headed to hunt for inspiration, suddenly everything around us looked extraordinary, we have to think different to dig out the relationship between things and the topic, present concepts in a interesting and meaningful way ever.

While the contest went on till midnight, most shutterbugs were exhausted but you could still see the fire jumping inside their eyes. 

Finally we didn't get any prize but felt worth-worthy indeed. The day to participate in the photo contest was also the first day after resignation, standing at the crossroad of life and wondering where to go, this experience reminds us the importance of staying curious and passionate about life, and that's why we develop PhotoVida. 

Hopefully all users can enjoy the same experience as we ever did via PhotoVida- redefine the meanings of things , consider every possibility , give the world your perspective, share and learn from it.

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